Sometimes “no pictures” is a good thing

Sometimes “no pictures” is a good thing…

Why is that?

Because sometimes the “picture taking moment” is more important to continue experiencing, than to stop and take a picture of it.

Picture these words of what happened at the studio today.

Pic 1
Arrived a little late… The kids were like “you late dude”.

Pic 2
I think I heard my name called 300 times today “that’s a good thing really”

Pic 3
Rondell: “Hey Jawon read the stencil remover instructions on this bottle so you could clean this screen.”
After reading a bit….
Jawon: “Say Rondell I’m a visual learner”
Rondell: “I’m glad you said that… Let me know things like that. So you do this then this…. ”
He did it.

Pic 4
His 4yr old brother (Shelton aka Chubby) drilled screws for 4 hours. Chubby take the screw out… He clicks it in reverse and out it comes…. Maybe 40 times.
Again… 4yrs old+4hours of drilling= very interesting kid.

Pic 5
John (kinda new teen) been around before but never made anything. Today…
John: “Rondell I want to make something.”
Rondell: “Then make something. Wanna make a birdhouse”
John: “Sure”
He started it, although he didn’t finish it he inspired two other teens to start and finish one- today! Of course with the amazing guidance of Zachary Reynolds.

Pic 6
Xiavion 10yr old and his 7yr old sister Tia has been coming every Tuesday and Thursday for three weeks. Xiavon started making a watch from old wood scraps (another awesome creation of Zachary Reynolds) he worked hard cutting, shaping, and filing the hole for the square watch face.
Xiavion: “Rondell this seems impossible the watch face won’t go in.
Rondell: “I know you’ve been going at this for hours now, but you are almost there… Keep going”
I looked up and saw another kid Matthew who stopped making his birdhouse to help Xaivion muscle through the moment. After 2hours the watch face goes in.

Pic 7 – the most important pic
Anthony 8yrs old was in a mini argument with Xiavion.
Xiavion: “Say it to my face, if you got something to say, say it to my face”
Anthony says nothing.
Rondell: “What’s up, I thought y’all were cool with each other.
Anthony: “I’m not cool with him no more”

Moments later I get the two if them together and ask that they make friends.. I get their stories and asked that they shake on it. Xaivion offers a handshake to Anthony which he denies, twice. I tried to encourage him to shake on it and stressed the importance of resolving negative issues.
Rondell: “Since you didn’t shake his hand when he offered twice, are you willing to extend your handshake to him to resolve things” then Anthony’s 8yr old hand extended and Xiavion shook on it. I walked away with Anthony, told him I knew that was hard for him, but I’m glad he stepped up and shook hands. Wow! he was brave enough to embrace the moment and rise above it. To show how I much I appreciated what he did, I showed him how to use the jigsaw early before age 10. Today he earned the right to learn how to cut with the jigsaw… and did well at it with a picture taking smile on his face.

These are all moments that were more important to further engage than to stop and take pictures of.

Pic 8
Me writing this blog at 1AM. Proud of them all… every last one of them. For their youthfulness, their excitement, their bravery, and their positivity. Oh! I do have a pic of this moment.

Creativity in Action!
Invest in People!
Studio Everything!


Its about what’s happening through the art.

These days, I want to scream loudly that its not just  about  “THE  ART ITSELF” the physical form of what’s created,  the thing that exist after creativity, nor the person who desires to view it or own it.

The work at Studio Everything is all about what is happening “Through the Art”. Creativity in action is what we call it. The method of using the process of art to inspire, empower, and transform.

What does it feel like to create ? What does it feel like to learn?  How can you put your creative success and your artistic knowledge in action to create better things to feel good about?

The power of making, and the access to making, expands the passion of creativity.

studio Everything is all about everything!

Thoughtful Art

Sooooo, Mothers Day just passed a few weeks ago and to support neighborhood moms guess what happened at Studio Everything? A little bit of everything.

We opened the studio so kids could swing by to make something special for someone special. They could make glass pendants, charms, planters with vegetable plants in them, or greeting cards.

The kids created great hand-made gifts for their mommas. Next up is Father’s Day…. Guess what we will be doing in at Studio Everything?

Checkout pic of the kids making everything.









Opened to Random Appearances!

12:30 pm – I went to the studio to stabilize and weld Big Buff’s Barbecue trailer so he could get back on the road Que-ing it up for Chattanooga. Yeah “Studio Everything” 2:00pm – All of a sudden one kid, two kids, three kids, eventually up to six or seven showed up to “do something”. I had to put down the welding torch and get to mentoring. Glad that Zachary Reynolds showed up to aid in mentoring. What made the day an even greater success was having the kids who just recently learned share their knowledge with new kids…. – until 7:30pm. The power and transfer of knowledge is amazing!

Glass on Glass

We outfitted an old sitter kiln with a temperature controller. This allowed us to fuse glass pieces without it shattering into pieces. This Saturday, we tested the kiln for the first firing with success. Now we will launch a few repurposed glass workshops.

Stay tuned and checkout the results






Creative Explosions

This week at Studio Everything. LaNeshia and Nadia worked hard carving wood. LaNeshia chipped away at a block to carve out an apple, while Nadia shaped a heart. All chiseled by hand. Now that the shapes are roughed in, we will continue with sanding in the next phase.



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